In the film The Hek Hek Hoo, RHA Kids (3rd class students from John Scottus and St.Endas Primary Schools) and Julie Weber examine the transformative potential of the everyday. The collective explored rhythms, murmurations and the disruption of daily routine.

Through drawing and text, the collective constructed non-linear narratives in response to Cecilia Bullo’s exhibition “Being Haunted By the Breezes, Now How Will You Exist?”. These responses evolved into expanded storyboards and acted as prompts when developing costumes and performances. For one morning in the month of March, the RHA reserved their main gallery exclusively for the collective to perform and express their work through the exhibition space, this event formed the film Hek Hek Hoo.
The title Hek Hek Hoo was taken from a student’s text and drawing in response to ‘being haunted by the breezes, now how do you exist?, 2023.

Screened at ‘Living Canvas’, Wilton Park, Dublin.

Hek Hek Hoo takes inspiration from the exhibition “Being Haunted By the Breezes, Now How Will You Exist?” by Cecilia Bullo at the RHA, 2023.

Commissioned by the RHA as part of the RHA Kids Art in Education Initiative, supported by IPUT Real Estate.

The RHA Workshops with Julie Weber

The collaboration between artist Julie Weber and two groups of 3rd class students John Scottus and St. Endas Primary schools took place every Tuesday in March, 2023. These workshops were in preparation for their performance in the RHA Gallery and for their upcoming film: Hek Hek Hoo.


Find the full film ‘Hek Hek Hoo’ hereFind the video from the Performance Workshop  here IPUT’s Living Canvas