Fensive: An artist’s examination of examining
A sonic collaboration with Julie Weber and Holly Munro
Moving Image, 17 minutes
Fensive lies between documentary, artist’s film and a music video. It follows an artist’s examination of an environment – Clogheenmilcon Fen in Blarney, Cork. Using sardonic humour, it documents and demystifies the process of the artist after a period of stagnation. This work demonstrates the complex and interlinking processes of the artist and nature - blurring the states of both worlds through fiction and non-fictional events.

Further information:
This work took place over a 12 month period working alongside the Climate Change Researcher and Environmental Scientist James Mulcahy, who is a Blarney local and has been working with Brand Blarney over the past two years.

“Brand Blarney is a voluntary organisation whose primary focus is to facilitate the larger Blarney community to contribute to an already established tourist attraction in a manner that enhances Blarney’s status as a global brand and boosts the local economy” About Brand Blarney - A Load of Blarney, 2021).

This piece was created alongside the musician Holly Munro over an 8 month period. Weber responded to the site using text over this time-frame which was then mediated, responded to and restructured by Holly Munro. The text was constructed and deconstructed and changed with the seasons that passed throughout the process. The work materialised as a pop song that was then gifted to the fen to add to the narrative that exists at this historic location.

Contact: julieweberartist@gmail.com